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Entry #3

580 meters

2008-05-05 04:22:54 by peha-fr

New flash on progress, hope to finish it in May !
edit : "lol" in May XDD probably later :P

580 meters


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2008-05-16 06:23:34

You've got the talent bro!! I'm sure you'll blow us away again. And try to fit as much nudity as you can :)


2008-05-30 19:21:52

It's a shame that Rienland didn't win the Tank award, I was secretly hoping that it make win! Hopefully next year you'll make it.


2008-07-10 18:55:48

Its July now, where is it?


2008-09-01 13:57:10

je parle francais pour toi ;) rien land est genial, de même que tes autres crezation flash, tu est un grand francais^^ mais mais, 580 metre en mai???? c' est trop lonnnggg!!!>.< il a interrait que ce soit une bombe (^_^)


2008-10-03 00:43:32

dude your video rienland is on my top 20 best flashes on ng. check it out.


2009-04-13 22:17:29

hey man that music video with the littile girl cutting her-self to get horny with kiss in the backround music is FREAKING AWSOME.sick,twisted and most of all it shows what can turn you on when something life cganging know her brother.oh and i don't do all that "oh this is a bad exaple"so dont accuse me of it.but its awsome man props to you.10/10


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